Worker Safety (eLearning)

This eLearning is not intended as a standalone course; it is part of Workforce Core. This eLearning will orient participants to some of the worker safety threats that may occur in the child welfare context, including assaults, animal attacks, and environmental dangers.

Target Audience

DCYF social service specialists enrolled in Workforce Core.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will identify several actions they can take to anticipate safety threats specific to a particular situation or client and to increase their safety before and during the situation.
  • Participants will learn techniques to reduce the likelihood of a safety threat when supervising a child or youth client and respond to any situation that occurs in ways that align with policy recommendations.
  • Participants will understand the requirement to report any safety issues or “near miss” to their supervisor as required by policy.
  • Participants will identify at least one training they will take following this training to improve their skills to sustain worker safety.
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This eLearning can also be accessed in the Washington State Learning Center here.