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Instructional Videos for Navigating the Catalog and Courses

Hi Everyone,

We are slowly adding some instructional videos to help navigate the catalog and courses. As we add these, you will be able to see them below. For all videos, you can access a transcript in the right column of the page that will follow along with the video. If you still need help after watching the videos, please feel free to reach out to us at

1. Creating a New Account, Logging In, and Resetting Your Password: 

2. Registering for and Completing Caregiver Core Training Online 

3. Getting your certificate for Kinship Core Training:


Welcome to our new catalog!

Welcome to the brand new home for Alliance courses! We hope that you will find it much easier to locate the courses you want to take and register for them here. If you get stuck and aren't sure how to find what you are looking for, please reach out to and someone will gladly connect with you to make sure you get what you need! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • All users need to create a new account. To create your account, click on "Register" at the top and then "Create new visitor account" on the left. It will take you to a registration page that is hosted by the School of Social Work. It may look a little different (purple), but you are definitely in the right place! When you get to the question about "Who will you be taking classes from?," please choose "ACWE" or "Alliance," whichever option it gives you. Once you complete this form, you will be registered and logged in!
  • There are a few different ways to view available courses. We recommend choosing "Courses" in the top navigation bar, not the one in the side navigation bar.
  • Once you get to the view from Courses in the top navigation bar, you will be able to search and filter for classes you are looking for.
  • We have a Calendar view of courses also available in the left navigation pane and linked directly from our website homepage. From this view, you can select a monthly view (the default), a weekly view, or a list of classes today or those in the next few days by choosing the appropriate option at the top of that page. We offer a lot of classes, so we know it's not always easy to read!

We hope these tips helped you get started! If you have questions or feedback about our new site, please drop us a line at Have a great day!


How do I see a record of the classes I took in the previous system?

Once you create your account here, we will be able to load your completions from the previous system into your profile here. This is taking a little bit longer than we anticipated, but these should be visible to everyone starting this week (the week of July 11th).

What happened to my progress in Caregiver Core Training?

If you were in the middle of Caregiver Core Training Online on June 28, we will enroll you in a partial course to allow you to finish from the last module where you left off. The first step is to create a new account here. Once that is complete, you can email if you need immediate access to where you left off. Otherwise you should be automatically enrolled within a few days, and will receive a registration confirmation email.

When I try to launch an eLearning, I get an error message that says "Illegal operation on empty result set." How can I get into my eLearning?

This is happening because the system unfortunately did not save all of your profile information when you first made your profile. If you go to My account -> Edit -> Profile (under the Edit button), and complete the required fields there, you should be able to launch eLearnings successfully. For the question "Who will you be taking classes from?" please choose ACWE.

Why is my old account not working?

For a few reasons, including password security, we were not able to just migrate old user accounts into our new system. All users will need to create a new account. We strongly recommend using the same email address that you used in the old system. This will allow us to match your old training records to your new profile.

If you have a question that is not answered in this short guide, please reach out to us at We are doing our best to get back to everyone within a couple of hours, but it may take up to a business day depending on the complexity of your question.


The Alliance works to increase the capacity of Washington’s social workers, partners and foster caregivers to support community wellness. We provide education and programs in a variety of modalities so that each learner can retain the skills needed to continue to succeed.

The Alliance's work is grounded in anti-racism and community service, and aims to dismantle oppressive systems and processes.

The courses you will find here embody these values and encourage growth, collaboration and humility.

**To find a course, please hover over "Courses" in the top navigation bar and select "Course Table" from the menu. This will allow you to filter and search for courses.**

To return to the Alliance website homepage, please click here: