Shelter Care Simulation: Articulating and Defending the Need for Out of Home Placement

This course will build on the Foundations of Practice modules.  Prior to the simulation, participants will independently prepare for their testimony.  This will be a guided preparation with a focus on the changes in standards for out of home placement at shelter care outlined in the Keeping Families Together Act (House Bill 1227). Participants will prepare for a simulated shelter care hearing based on a case scenario.  They will utilize the child safety framework to support their decision making in relationship to the conditions present in the fictional family and will utilize their critical thinking in their testimony to evidence that the child/ren in the case scenario are in need of shelter care. Following the preparation, participants will participate in a simulated shelter care hearing where they will be given the opportunity to answer direct questions about their case scenario, but the focus of the testimony practice will be on cross examination and re-direct.  They will be given feedback as a group from the legal professionals supporting the training.  They will also be able to participate in a group debrief guided by a facilitator, focusing on their reflections and specific topics relevant to support the learning of their simulation group.  


Target Audience

DCYF social workers, supervisors, and Tribal staff


Learning Objectives


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DCYF Shelter Care Simulation05/29/202408:30AM-03:30PMKelso DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/29/202302:10PM-05:10PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/29/202312:00PM-03:00PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/29/202310:00AM-01:00PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/29/202308:00AM-11:00AMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/22/202310:00AM-01:00PMRegion 4 - Delridge
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/15/202312:15PM-03:15PMYakima DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/15/202310:00AM-01:00PMYakima DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/15/202308:00AM-11:00AMYakima DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/08/202311:00AM-02:00PMSmokey Point DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/08/202308:00AM-11:00AMSmokey Point DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/01/202312:15PM-03:15PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/01/202310:00AM-01:00PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation09/01/202308:00AM-11:00AMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/31/202302:00PM-05:00PMPort Angeles DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/31/202311:00AM-02:00PMPort Angeles DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/30/202308:00AM-11:00AMMount Vernon DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/28/202302:10PM-05:10PMRegion 4 - Delridge
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/28/202310:00AM-01:00PMRegion 4 - Delridge
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/25/202302:10PM-05:10PMVancouver-Clark DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/25/202312:15PM-03:15PMVancouver-Clark DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/25/202310:00AM-01:00PMVancouver-Clark DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/23/202302:00PM-05:00PMKing East DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/23/202311:00AM-02:00PMKing East DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/21/202302:10PM-03:10PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/21/202312:15PM-03:15PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/21/202310:00AM-01:00PMTacoma DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/10/202302:00PM-05:00PMBremerton DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/10/202310:00AM-01:00PMBremerton DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/10/202308:00AM-11:00AMBremerton DCYF
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation08/04/202308:00AM-04:00PMRegion 4 - Delridge
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation07/31/202302:00PM-05:00PMRegion 1 - Spokane
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation07/31/202312:15PM-03:15PMRegion 1 - Spokane
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation07/31/202310:00AM-01:00PMRegion 1 - Spokane
DCYF Shelter Care Simulation07/31/202308:00AM-11:00AMRegion 1 - Spokane

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