Partners Make Better Decisions

Partners Make Better Decisions brings together social workers and caregivers in a dynamic environment of dialogue, small-group activities and scenario discussions. This course mimics the way the child welfare process works, with many voices at the table, with the goal of building understanding and relationships through finding commonality and mutual respect.

Building partnerships and finding common ground with others is integral to achieving the best outcomes for children and families. When approaching decision making, it is vital that you can work effectively with all parties involved, and this training provides you the foundation for making that happen. You will start the training by sharing and hearing from other participants about why they do the work they do, likely finding many shared values.

The training also will guide you through a conversation about communication and potential barriers and breakdown points, with special consideration of the high stakes and complicated dynamics involved in this work. Finally, you will learn some tools and strategies for working together and remaining focused on the “main thing,” the interest of the child, even when distractions or disagreements arise. When you leave the training, you will have a new understanding of and appreciation for your partners on the child’s care team, and a plan for communicating and working together.

Target Audience

Ideally, caregivers and social workers involved with the same child will take this course together.

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DCYF Alliance Partners Make Better Decisions06/20/20231pm-4pmWebinar
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