Parenting Teens Part 6: Understanding and Managing Youth's Challenging Behaviors Second Session

At the core of supporting a youth in your care is understanding their history and story, as we have explored in the first Parenting Teens trainings. Part 5 and Part 6 are an in-depth look at understanding and managing challenging behaviors.

This training focuses on the strategies needed to handle more severe behavioral challenges or crises. You will first get an overview of intellectual and developmental disabilities, including definitions and strategic guidance. The training then moves into a look at high-risk behaviors – what they look like, what might cause them and appropriate responses. It’s important to understand the root of these actions so that the emphasis remains on positive communication and connectedness, as well as keeping the teen safe. You will participate in discussions around how these behaviors present and what you can do to build a healthy dynamic with your youth.

When dealing with more severe behaviors, it may be necessary to develop a safety plan or consult external services. The purpose of a safety plan is to help you and the youth proactively think through areas of high risk and collaborate on the steps that need to be taken to keep everyone safe. Professional supports may also help, and the course will take you through several things to think about when considering treatment, including cultural appropriateness.

Upon completion of this training, you will have multiple tools to help you successfully manage these behaviors, as well as an understanding of how to access the support system for yourself and your youth.

Each part should be taken in order. 

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