Parenting Teens Part 1: Introduction and Understanding the Impact of Trauma in Youth in Foster Care

This first in a seven-part, sequential course helps you develop an understanding of the underlying causes of a youth’s behavior, which is one of the first steps in supporting their well-being.

This multimedia-driven course will expose you to a variety of composites of youths facing trauma and you will learn how events can affect long-term behaviors. A large portion of this training involves lessons about brain function and how trauma or disruptions manifest. Key learnings will include how to transition this information into real-life parenting situations, including how to get to a place where you can understand the “why” behind the behavior.

At the close of the course you will be able to define trauma and recognize how traumatic stress and adversity impact a youth’s development. You also will understand the importance of responding to the underlying cause of a youth’s behaviors. You will leave with handouts and other resources to support your learning going forward.

Each part of the Parenting Teens series should be taken in sequential order.

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