Parenting the Positive Discipline Way: Introduction to Positive Discipline

Introduction to Positive Discipline is a foundational level training for caregivers. This introductory training will help you learn the basic parenting approach of the Positive Discipline model by engaging you in group activities and discussions based on real life scenarios. Positive Discipline focuses on teaching children valuable social and life skills without using any form of punishment, permissiveness, or rewards. Positive Discipline uses effective discipline techniques that help children gain a sense of belonging through connection, and significance through contribution. All Positive Discipline parenting tools are designed to respectfully empower and encourage children to realize their own capability and keep the joy in caregiving. 

By the end of the session, you will be able to:
1.    Identify present behavioral challenges and compare them to the future characteristics and life skills parents want for their children with the goal of helping parents understand how the challenges they face can become opportunities to teach. 
2.    Explain the conceptual differences and outcomes between punishment-focused and discipline-focused parenting approaches. 
3.    Consider the many underlying factors that may contribute to a child’s behaviors.
4.    Understand the 52 positive parenting tools Positive Discipline offers.
5.    Develop a self-care plan that will inspire and encourage you to commit time and energy each day to keeping yourself healthy. 

Following completion of this foundational course, the Alliance invites you to attend the six continued learning level Parenting the Positive Discipline Way training sessions. Each of the six additional sessions may be taken in any order.

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