Parenting the Positive Discipline Way: Encouraging Parenting Solutions

Parenting the Positive Discipline Way is a collection of six Positive Discipline-based trainings intended to help foster and kinship caregivers better understand why discipline with abused and neglected children is different from the discipline that typically works with children who have not been abused or neglected. 

These six continued learning-level trainings explore tools that help teach valuable social and life skills to children without using any form of punishment or incentives.  You will learn how to use effective discipline that is kind and firm, creates connection before correction, is empowering and encouraging to children to believe in their own capability, and keeps the joy in caregiving.  You will gain practice with experiential exercises, group discussions, and handouts to develop skills for getting into the child’s world to understand the belief behind behavior in order to motivate change.  Topics and techniques apply to all ages and many settings.

This session explores different Parenting Styles, Natural & Logical Consequences, Focusing on Solutions, and Encouragement vs. Praise.

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