Engaging Youth In Group Care — Foundational Module 2: Engaging Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma

The “Engaging Youth In Group Care” series is composed of seven modules for those working with youth in a group care setting who have moderate to severe emotional and behavioral challenges.

Foundational Module 2 focuses on adapting engagement tools to meet the unique needs of the youth you work with.

Foundational Modules 1 and 2 must be taken in order.  After you have completed these two modules, you can take the remaining 5 modules in any order.

The second module of "Engaging Youth in Group Care" focuses on tailoring your approach to respect the impact of trauma. This course starts with a self-assessment exercise in which you will discuss your own responses to certain behaviors. This leads to a conversation about the science of brain function, which continues from Module 1 to be foundational in this training, with a lot of time devoted to learning about the two major adaptive responses to threats and state-dependent functioning. You will learn about the importance of understanding traumatic history, how to start a conversation with a youth about their life, and what the impacts of fear are on development and emotions.
Finally, you will look at techniques to “reframe” behaviors or actions that are based in trauma by finding positive alternatives that allow for growth and change in manageable ways.

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