Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma Part 4: Building a Safe Place

Part 4 of the “Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma” series starts looking at ways you can help your child recover from trauma and feel safe.  During this class, you will look at the difference between physical and psychological safety, and how a child who has experienced trauma will have a different definition than you do. You will look at ways you can support a child’s sense of safety, and get tools for how to make that happen, which includes a “safety message.” You will walk through elements of a safety message and discuss how deliver one effectively.  You will spend time talking about ways that children may be reminded of trauma, such as certain environments, or emotional reactions to situations that may be unexpected. You will learn some basic steps to help the child feel safe that build on the trauma-informed lens, as well as how you can help them cope.

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This course is not eligible for Social Work CEUs at this time.

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