Advanced Practice in Motivational Interviewing

Advanced Practice in Motivational Interviewing will further support you in achieving competence in the use of Motivational interviewing with families. During the Advanced offering you will have multiple opportunities for practice and skill development as well as the opportunity to begin the process of being coded to fidelity through the use of the Motivational Interviewing Competency Assessment (MICA)  tool. Coding staff to fidelity of MI is an opportunity for caseworkers to become professionals in MI. Motivational Interviewing is eligible for federal reimbursement when used by case-carrying professionals who are coded to fidelity.

Target Audience

Area Administrators
DCYF Social Workers (case carrying)
DCYF Social Workers (not case carrying)
DCYF Supervisors (case carrying)
DCYF Supervisors (not case carrying)
Program Managers

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to: 

K. Explain how MI contributes to a diversity, equity and inclusion approach to child welfare work 
K. Articulate how MI approaches can be meaningfully applied while also making clear agency worries, bottom lines and likely consequences of both changing and sustaining behavior 
K. Briefly describe how service providers are also using MI 
K. Explain simple ways that use of MI can be documented. 
S. Demonstrate MI intentions in roleplay of conversations and structured tasks that need to be accomplished in child welfare, including: partnering, evoking, guiding, expressing empathy, and supporting autonomy and activation 
S. Demonstrate MI skills as support to overall client-centered approach, including: 
exploring ambivalence, strategically responding to sustain talk, fostering change talk, tailoring approach to assessment of readiness for change/types of change talk, circling back to the person’s values, goals and focus, and responding with affirmations 
S. Demonstrate more reflections than questions; reflections that stimulate the person to share in more depth 
S. Demonstrate equipoise, managing their biases and following up on clues about the person's vision, goals, cultural perspectives and solutions
V. Bring to their practice a belief that people can change, and staff can facilitate that by the way they interact with families 
V. Value MI-congruent engagement to continuously strengthen the person’s critical thinking and activation, as well as to make planning 
V. Value ongoing learning, including recording and coding, to continue enhancing their MI approaches

Course summary
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DCYF Alliance Foundations of Motivational Interviewing for Child Welfare Staff09/10-13/20241pm-4pmWebinar