Afterhours Core 2.2 Physical Abuse: Sentinel Injuries

Identifying injuries which tend to be seen prior to, or along with, serious physical abuse can help us identify children who are unsafe, and sometimes prevent disastrous consequences.  You will learn about these injuries, called “Sentinel Injuries,” as well as injuries that are more common in childhood and don’t typically raise concern for abuse.  You will practice differentiating between the two using many different scenarios.  Lastly, you will learn more about how to collaborate with key partners, particularly medical professionals, in response to your concerns related to an observed mark or injury.

Target Audience

Staff newly hired into afterhours, or those who have not been able to attend training specific to afterhours work in the past.

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This course is not eligible for Social Work CEUs at this time. 

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Module 2 Physical Abuse includes:

2.1 eLearning

  • Intro to Physical Abuse and MedCon
  • Basics of Photographic Documentation
  • Limited English Proficiency

2.2 Webinar

  • Physical Abuse: Sentinel Injuries

2.3 Webinar

  • Physical Abuse: Serious Physical Abuse

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Afterhours Core 2.2 Physical Abuse: Sentinel Injuries08/28/20235:30pm-7:30pmWebinar
Afterhours Core 2.2 Physical Abuse: Sentinel Injuries05/08/20235:30pm-7:30pmWebinar
Afterhours Core 2.2 Physical Abuse: Sentinel Injuries01/30/20236:00pm-8:00pmWebinar